Wood Smoke Mitigation Campaign

An Overview

AWSI endorses a variety of traditional means to publicize, promote and communicate wood smoke issues and to advocate for changes to the law and heightened compliance (enforcement) as to mitigation of wood smoke air pollution:

  • Publicity and Promotion – Endeavors to draw attention to AWSI and promote its mission: To improve air quality by reducing wood burning and smoke and their harmful health effects through education, monitoring, regulation, and enforcement
  • Networking – Tasks to connect to communities, government, representatives and individuals as to wood smoke issues to make the County a better place.
  • Assistance – Efforts to help alleviate untenable situations and revise inadequate rules and regulations as to wood smoke issues.

Awsi may also provide resource materials useful to wood smoke mitigation efforts:

  • Resources –  Documentation to address wood smoke mitigation such as Sample Ordinances as to Open Burning and Wood Fueled Appliances and PowerPoint presentations as to Wood Smoke Basics, Observations, Laws, and Complaints for the information of individuals, Representatives, and County, City, Borough and Township offices.  

The diagram below illustrates means that AWSI may employ to help mitigate carcinogenic wood smoke emissions. Click the desired topic in the drop-down menu under the Campaign tab to explore these topics further.